The flavors of life

Sweet delusions served their purpose-

Kept myself afloat and living.

Now I’m captive by a circus

Of salty-bitter-sour being.

Sweet was happy but a lie,

Codependent, immature.

Mushrooms. let myself to cry,

Bringing salty to endure .

Salty sadness of regrets,

Past mistakes and poor decisions,

Salty fears of daily threats-

Failures, loneliness, collisions.

Bitter anger at the world

Simply for its own existence,

Conscious living is absurd.

What’s the path of least resistance?

Sour, omnipresent, nagging

Pain of searching my own Truth…

Trust is crucial, but it’s lagging,

Wanting back my sweet old youth.

Spicy future of excitement ,

Passion, love, connection, joy.

Satisfaction through enlightenment …

Hate the process and the ploy.

Perfectly Imperfect

My precious godly wonder child

Has been ashamed, brushed off, beguiled.

Can you relate? Can you remember

Being reduced to crumbs of ember?

If only we could change the past

And send a fearless mighty gust

Of wind: to blow away from us

Abuse, neglect, and constant fuss,

The need to prove our worth to others,

The need to please our only mothers,

The need to fit the world around,

So that no weakness could be found!

Aren’t we just perfect in our flaws ?

Can we rewrite internal laws?

Take charge of nurturing our fire

To reignite our heart’s desire

To run and fall, and RISE AGAIN

Without that toxic inner shame,

With wise and self-forgiving nature

Of perfectly imperfect creature.

The Fable

Take off your shoes and touch the land:

Get your feet breathing strands of grass,

Or grains of warm inviting sand,

Or foamy salty watermass.

Be ONE with universal depths.

Be here, and now, and truly YOU

Inhale unique and juicy breaths,

Exhale your fears- and start anew.

No time to waste by being shy!

Explore this senseful overwhelm!

There’s always something fun to try!

Enhance connections with this realm!

Risks are inherent to our lives-

So are the rewards of wonder:

Being in awe when lightning strikes,

Despite the roaring angry thunder.

Then I get scared and sad at once,

I hide under the kitchen table.

I wait and pray…until I bounce

Back on my feet.

Restart the fable.

Stand Tall like a Tree

Stand like a massive Redwood Tree,

Let yourself feel and let yourself see.

Root down your feet , use them like magnet .

Eyes up -and focus on your target.

Soft knees, your hips are facing straight,

Load through your legs your bodyweight .

Your trunk is firm and has no hollows,

Breathe in new light , breathe out old troubles.

Your arms are graceful, curious branches,

Their thirst for touching never quenches

They love to play and to explore ,

Their strength is coming from the core .

Like Christmas star on Christmas tree

Your head position is the key:

By stacking it on top of spine

You’re free to sing your heart and shine .

Stand like a dazzling Christmas Tree:

Let yourself trust and let yourself be.

The point of no return

I am in pain! I am in trouble!

I’ve given everything I have

To this ungrateful growing bubble

Of life… at the expense of death.

I’m weeping rains and throwing tantrums:

Each iceberg rumbles in despair.

New lifestyle brings unknown conundrums.

What should I do to play it fair?

Should I destroy those tiny ants,

By sending earthquakes or tsunamis?

Or should I tighten up my pants

And wait by folding origamis?

“And wait for what?”- You asked the Earth.

“For you to self-destroy your species,

With time you’ll reach the point of dearth…

Unless you change and eat your feces!

No waste! Expel that word forever!

Make use of everything around!

Embark on this Restart Endeavor,

So that new balance could be found.

Morning Meditation

Through mindful moment of reflection

I hear the chirping of the birds

Then hear my thoughts and recollections, And jumble of all sorts of words.

Back to the breath- the rise and fall.

Back to I’m here and now and present.

I am so big, and yet so small,

I am the God, and yet the peasant.

Ten minutes gone… the chime has rung.

I blink my eyes through morning tender.

The anxious monkey mind is calmed,

Let life begin- let me surrender.